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By Emily Brontë

ISBN-10: 0497259060

ISBN-13: 9780497259068

ISBN-10: 1423777883

ISBN-13: 9781423777885

This variation is written in English. notwithstanding, there's a operating Spanish glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of Wuthering Heights. This variation will be priceless when you wo

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Brindled: manchado. caprice: capricho. compactly: compactamente, sólidamente, compacto, comprimidamente. dashing: hermoso. gleam: destello. groan: gemir, gemido. gush: chorro, chorrear. involuntarily: involuntariamente. mew: maullido, maullar. nay: más aún, más bien, voto negativo, voto en contra, no, negativa, mejor dicho. outcry: algarada, protesta clamorosa, gritar, greguería, grito, clamor, alboroto. querulous: quejumbroso. raked: rastrillado. raving: delirio, delirando. rekindle: reencender.

He drove him from their company to the servants, deprived him of the instructions of the curate, and insisted that he should labour out of doors instead; compelling him to do so as hard as any other lad on the farm. Heathcliff bore his degradation pretty well at first, because Cathy taught him what she learnt, and worked or played with him in the fields. They both promised fair to grow up as rude as savages; the young master being entirely negligent how they behaved, and what they did, so they kept clear of him.

You have reason in shutting it up, I assure you. ' asked Heathcliff, 'and what are you doing? Lie down and finish out the night, since you ARE here; but, for heaven's sake! ' Spanish confound: confundir. cowardice: cobardía. creak: chirriar, chirrido, crujir, chirriad, chirrio, chirrien, chirrie, chirrias, chirrian, chirriáis, chirria. crushing: aplastante, aplastar, estrujado, trituración. desirous: deseoso. doze: dormitar, dormita, dormitas, dormito, dormiten, dormite, dormitamos, dormitáis, dormitad, dormitan, echar la siesta.

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