Women in Management and Life Cycle: Aspects that Limit or by A. Kaufmann PDF

By A. Kaufmann

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An exploratory learn, in response to team discussions and in-depth interviews of actual managers, that examines various features of the existence cycle to elucidate why so few women get to the top. It deals recommendation on the best way to determine priorities, and explores latest stereotypes inside of companies relating to ladies in higher administration.

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That used to be the lesson. (Manager, 53 years old) It is possible to observe a different emphasis on material things, which we will analyze in greater detail in Chapter 8. As far as attitudes towards everyday life are concerned, traditional stereotypes make men more afraid of loneliness and women more afraid of being left. Often, apparently innocuous patterns hide factors that place limits on women’s capacity for thought, action and decisionmaking. In terms of negotiation we see that while men either negotiate or enforce their will, women yield to appease others and avoid their getting angry.

Manager, 33 years old) The new female manager is full of confusion and contradictions. She knows how to enforce her will, but often she does so with a bad conscience. Even if she seems immutable from the outside, the conflicts are raging on the inside, and this is clearly reflected by one of the members of the group meeting when she says: My closet is a mess, but I don’t care. Clearly this untidiness makes reference to the inner world, which we don’t pay much attention to. (Manager, 34 years old) The new woman wants to be liked, makes efforts to please everyone, and this makes her fall into the dependence game.

Illnesses such as depression, heart and brain strokes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, cancer and diabetes are growing at alarming rates among young and middle-aged people, and could become the main causes of sick leave in our information age. The excessive speed of our new 24/7 society has other profound consequences on people’s lives. Round-the-clock commercial and social activity has led to a sharp decline in our hours of sleep. In 1910 the average adult slept between 9 and 10 hours a day.

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