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Julian Templeman's Visual Studio .NET: The .NET Framework Black Book PDF

By Julian Templeman

ISBN-10: 157610995X

ISBN-13: 9781576109953

The VisualStudio.NET Black booklet covers the .NET structure, libraries, and companies, and the way to take advantage of them from the programming languages supported by way of VS.NET. This special publication explores the .NET structure in a non-language particular approach. It covers the hot net and database entry applied sciences in WebForms, WinForms, ADO+, and ASP+. it is usually an emphasis on XML, together with the cleaning soap protocol, because it can be used greatly for passing info round parts inside allotted functions.

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When you are creating new types, you need to think about how they will be used and whether objects will be more efficiently passed by value or by reference, and then define them as either value or reference types. Int32, provide exact equivalents to language primitive types. So an Int32 is equivalent to an int in C# and an Integer in VB; you can use the underlying type if for some reason you don’t want to use the language-specific equivalent. Int32, pose a problem to the designers of OO languages.

Suppose you are writing a drawing program and you have a class called Shape, from which all the shapes used in the program are derived. You know that each shape has to be able to draw itself, but only the individual child classes themselves will be able to say what needs to be done to produce the right output. So you end up with a series of classes, each of which implements a Draw() method that looks identical, but is implemented differently. The following is a bit of VB pseudocode that illustrates this idea: Public Class Circle Inherits Shape Public Sub Draw() ' code for drawing circles End Sub End Class Public Class Square Inherits Shape Public Sub Draw() ' code for drawing squares End Sub End Class Why is this important or useful?

Classes You now know that the idea of a class is central to OO programming, so let’s look at how classes are implemented in the CLR. NET is unusual in that the Intermediate Language (IL) directly supports OO constructs, whereas most bytecode systems are more akin to a traditional assembly language. NET languages can support. NET way of doing things. NET classes can consist of four elements: § Methods § Fields § Properties § Events These elements are discussed throughout this section, but bear in mind that how these components are implemented (and even whether they’re accessible at all) depends upon the language you’re using.

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