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Face A [iipos K]c[papcr~o$] Face B [iipos] Krt[apcrroC] Flanking the epsilon on Face B are traces of the lower oblique of kappa and the lower part of rho. This horos brings to five the number of extant examples of the text; cf. IG 12,891 and three pieces published by D. K. Hill (AJA 36, 1932, pp. 254-259), who explained that the markers belonged to the public propylon in the Peiraieus. H30 (Pl. 2). 26 rn. high) of the inscription; otherwise rough picked. Found in March 1939, in situ, outside the northwest corner of the Agora ( F 2), facing north onto the ancient street which led inward from the Dipylon.

W. ; Th. H. 030 m. H64. Fragment of a stele of blue micaceous stone flecked with white (I 6462), broken off below at an angle from the lower left to the upper right of the inscribed face. C. context west of the southern part of the Odeion of Agrippa (J-K 11). H. ; W. ; Th. H. 015 m. Ed. B. D. Meritt, Hesperia 32, 1963, p. 43, no. 51, photograph pl. 2; SEG XXI, 646. ca. a. 400 a. ] The letter pi at the end of line 2 probably began the proper name of persons or family whose graves were marked. Most of the area of a third line is chipped away, but deliberate cutting of the original surface at the left suggests that the line may have been erased.

475-450 a. C. (IG 13,383, V, lines 151152). H2 (Pl. 1). Rough-picked stele of white marble (I 7006) perhaps broken away at the top. Inscribed vertically from top to bottom in smooth-dressed band at center. Found (with a second matching inscription, subsequently lost) in situ at the southwest corner of a shrine on the southwest side of the Areopagus (C 28). Moved to the Stoa of Attalos after unauthorized removal from shrine, October 1965. H . ; W. ; Th. H. 040 m. Ed. J. Kirchner, IG 112,2507; W.

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