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Excessive expertise capitalism makes use of desktops, robots, and worldwide details networks. It has engendered new periods - technocrats, bureaucrats, provider and workplace employees - who will influence the constitution and values of society. The query such a lot imperative for us is that of the survival of democracy in this new base. Will the recent heart type turn into the wearing category for a contemporary type of democracy using the subtle communications expertise, or will democracy decline less than the burden of the managerial and technocratic strata necessary to the functioning of the fashionable fiscal and political associations?

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22 Along with the industrial planning boards, an extensive - and exemplary - welfare state has been created in Germany, mirroring that developed in Scandinavia. The welfare state programmes, such as health care, child care and pensions, are well administered and relatively efficient as state programmes go, providing 'cradle to grave' security and safety nets for those affected by capitalist dislocations. However, these welfare programmes do add power and authority to the state, and therefore are both worrisome politically, while humanistic socially.

They began what would become another deeply imbedded cultural pattern: a conscious, coordinated effort to learn and implement the most advanced military technology, and to create a military preparedness that would make Japan impervious to conquest. The pattern of studying foreign inventions and Japanizing them was continued, but at the same time the Japanese pursued an almost paranoid policy of closing off Japan from foreign control. Since China remained a great fear-inspiring neighbour, this pattern persisted.

33 The computerization and global telecommunications connection has encouraged 'global sourcing', or the setting up of high-technology manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world. The world capital market has made it easier for poor countries to export to rich countries and for rich countries to establish production facilities in poor countries. 34 Effectively, everyone now has access to the same world capital market. More equal access to capital has reduced the edge that being born in a rich country used to give.

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