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M. ARTZY's The Jatt Metal Hoard in Northern Canaanite/Phoenician and PDF


ISBN-10: 8472903419

ISBN-13: 9788472903418

ARTZY, M.: THE JATT steel HOARD IN NORTHERN CANAANITE/PHOENICIAN AND CYPRIOTE CONTEXT. BARCELONA, 2006, 161 p. colour laminas.Encuadernacion unique. Nuevo.

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They were all cast to a mold, although it is hard to ascertain the exact technique that was used. While the lost wax technique is usually the favored assumption for the casting technique in ancient time, the fact that no signs of rivets were found, even with the aid of X-Ray photography of four of the vessels, forces us to consider other possibilities (appendix a). If the lost wax process was used in spite of the missing nits, the thick rims could have been used for the escape of the gases, as could the high shoulders.

One from Tomb 40 (K-1086, Pl. 41), dated to LCIIIB (Benson 1973: 50, 123) and the other, from Tomb 39 (K-1086, no photograph), dated to CGIA (Benson 1973: 49, 123). Two more strainers were found at Palaepaphos-Skales in tomb 48 (Karageorghis 1983: 76), also dated to the CGI period. These are quite different from the ones described above as Gershuny’s type A, as both are of bronze and are «shallow, with a sunken semi globular sieve, flat-out rim» (Karageorghis 1983: 60). One of the strainers has two opposing flat horizontal loop handles (Tomb 48: 9) and the other has three loop handles, but they are of iron and the rivets attaching them to the strainer are of bronze (Tomb 48: 197).

7: 6-8, Pl. 13: 1-3) and in the way the blade is tapered towards the point. Some of the blades are tapered more or less symmetrically from their widest part toward the point (J-19; Fig. 7: 6, Pl. 13: 1). The tapering of others begins moderately at the widest part and then, closer to the point, the tapering become more acute (J-21; Fig. 7: 9, Pl. 13: 3). Unfortunately, the corrosion of the objects renders the exact tapering pattern of each arrowhead difficult to resolve. All the lanceolate arrowheads, except J-22 (Fig.

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