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157. See in particular Storing, 'What the Anti-Federalists were for', Storing, I, pp. , The Founders' constitution, vol. 1, pp. 336-8 (introductory remarks to the chapter entitled * Balanced government'). 19 This, however, amounts to claiming that the opponents of the constitution did not know exactly what they wanted, at least for the federal government. The problem is further complicated by the fact that the Anti-Federalists did not advocate pure majority rule at the federal level. An omnipotent and omnicompetent federal government, periodically called to account for its actions through elections, would have obviously constituted a simple and responsible government.

Compare Nippel, Mischverfassungstheorie, pp. ; J. H . Franklin, John Locke and the theory of sovereignty, Cambridge, 1978, ch. ; J. Sanderson, 'Philip Hunton's "Appeasement": moderation and extremism in the English civil war', History of Political Thought, vol. 3 (1982), 4 4 7 - 6 1 . H. , Political ideas, pp. 141f. , Filmer, pp. 165f. , Political ideas, p. 52. 61 These assertions were understood as expressing 'Paramount Law', but this was only a tautological formulation of the necessity to override existing law under certain circumstances.

91 Ephors and tribunes were now understood as institutions quite different from the historical ones, especially as they were neither supposed to defend particular interests nor to participate in legislative and executive matters but solely to function as a sort of constitutional court that would take action only if the constitutional order was in danger. 92 In this discussion I have tried to follow some components of so-called classical republicanism from their ancient origins to modern applications.

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