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For example, the equation T = 293 K may equally be written T/K = 293. It is often convenient to write the quotient of a quantity and a unit in this way for the heading of a column in a table, so that the entries in the table are all simply numbers. For example, a table of vapour pressure against temperature, and the natural logarithm of vapour pressure against reciprocal temperature, may be formatted as shown below. 9990 The axes of a graph may also be labelled in this way, so that the tick marks are labelled only with numbers, as in the graph below.

Since, however, SI units are the international meeting ground in terms of which all other units are defined, those who use units from Tables 8 and 9 should always give the definition of the units they use in terms of SI units. Table 8 also gives the units of logarithmic ratio quantities, the neper, bel, and decibel. These are dimensionless units that are somewhat different in their nature from other dimensionless units, and some scientists consider that they should not even be called units. They are used to convey information on the nature of the logarithmic ratio quantity concerned.

Examples of SI coherent derived units whose names and symbols include SI coherent derived units with special names and symbols Derived quantity dynamic viscosity moment of force surface tension angular velocity angular acceleration heat flux density, irradiance heat capacity, entropy specific heat capacity, specific entropy specific energy thermal conductivity energy density electric field strength electric charge density surface charge density electric flux density, electric displacement permittivity permeability molar energy molar entropy, molar heat capacity exposure (x and γ rays) absorbed dose rate radiant intensity radiance catalytic activity concentration SI coherent derived unit ———————————————————————————— Expressed in terms of Name Symbol SI base units pascal second newton meter newton per meter radian per second radian per second squared watt per square meter Pa s Nm N/m rad/s rad/s2 W/m2 m−1 kg s−1 m2 kg s−2 kg s−2 m m−1 s−1 = s−1 m m−1 s−2 = s−2 kg s−3 joule per kelvin joule per kilogram kelvin J/K J/(kg K) m2 kg s−2 K−1 m2 s−2 K−1 joule per kilogram watt per meter kelvin joule per cubic meter volt per meter coulomb per cubic meter coulomb per square meter coulomb per square meter J/kg W/(m K) J/m3 V/m C/m3 C/m2 C/m2 m2 s−2 m kg s−3 K−1 m−1 kg s−2 m kg s−3 A−1 m−3 s A m−2 s A m−2 s A farad per meter henry per meter joule per mole joule per mole kelvin F/m H/m J/mol J/(mol K) m−3 kg−1 s4 A2 m kg s−2 A−2 m2 kg s−2 mol−1 m2 kg s−2 K−1 mol−1 coulomb per kilogram gray per second watt per steradian watt per square meter steradian katal per cubic meter C/kg Gy/s W/sr W/(m2 sr) kat/m3 kg−1 s A m2 s−3 m4 m−2 kg s−3 = m2 kg s−3 m2 m−2 kg s−3 = kg s−3 m−3 s−1 mol The values of several different quantities may be expressed using the same name and symbol for the SI unit.

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