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By Ed Akin

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This ebook is kind of great for the spoiled programmer who has been utilizing a contemporary OO language comparable to C++ or python, and demonstrates how you can enforce OO ideas as sessions, overloading and polymorphism in Fortran 90/95 (F9X within the rest of this evaluate)

This although can be its major weak spot: although F9X will be compelled into those recommendations, utilizing these thoughts, particularly the proposed polymorphism technique, is a tedious activity, and makes most of the magic of OO programming disappear.

What is missing during this publication is an specific review of suggestions which can't be applied simply in F9X, akin to destructors, interfaces and inheritance, as that would be cause sufficient to ignore attempting to enforce your application in F9X.

My major end after analyzing this can be that attempting to do OO in F9X is incomplete and approach an excessive amount of difficulty, and hence the necessity for this e-book is quite restricted.

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Computation of area for rectangles. function rectangle area ( r ) result ( area ) type ( Rectangle ), intent(in) :: r real :: area area = r%base * r%height ; end function rectangle area end module class Rectangle ! 1415926535897931d0 ! a circle constant type Circle real :: radius ; end type Circle contains ! Computation of area for circles. function circle area ( c ) result ( area ) type ( Circle ), intent(in) :: c real :: area area = pi * c%radius**2 ; end function circle area end module class Circle program geometry !

In his 1988 book on OO software construction B. Meyer [28] listed seven steps necessary to achieve object-orientedness in an implementation language. 5, and are all found to exist in F90 and F95. 5: Seven Steps to Object-Orientedness [28] 1. Object-based modular structure : r Systems are modularized on the basis of their data structure (in F90). 2. Data Abstraction : r Objects should be described as implementations of abstract data types (in F90). 3. Automatic memory management : r Unused objects should be deallocated by the language system (most in F90, in F95).

31, 32], and Rumbaugh et al. [36] and Szymanski et al. [37, 38]. Additional OOP applications will also be covered in later chapters. 8 Exercises 1 Checking trigonometric identities We know that the sine and cosine functions obey the trigonometric identity sin2 θ + cos2 θ = 1 no matter what value of θ is used. Write a pseudocode, or MATLAB, or F90 program that checks this identity. Let it consist of a loop that increments across N equally spaced angles between 0 and π and calculates the quantity in question, printing the angle and the result.

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