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By Dru C. Gladney

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Majorities are made, no longer born. This e-book argues that there are not any natural majorities within the Asia-Pacific zone, widely outlined, nor within the West. Numerically, ethnically, politically, and culturally, societies make and mark their majorities below particular old, political, and social conditions. This place demanding situations Samuel Huntington’s influential thesis that civilizations are composed of roughly homogeneous cultures, suggesting in its place that tradition is as malleable because the politics that informs it.The fourteen participants to this quantity argue that emphasis on minority/majority rights is predicated on uncritically accredited rules of purity, numerical superiority, and social consensus. Emphases upon multiculturalism can turn into methods of protecting critical political, ethnic, and sophistication transformations basically when it comes to cultural distinction, and affirmative-action regulations can isolate, determine, and stigmatize minorities as usually as they homogenize, unify, and naturalize majorities.This publication analyzes how minorities are made and marked throughout cultural, nearby, and nationwide obstacles from Hawai‘i to Turkey, a area that encompasses terribly varied populations and political advancements and that's usually considered as composed of quite homogeneous majorities.This quantity info discourses of majority and minority, permitting exploration of a few questions of extra basic quandary within the humanities and social sciences, together with: How does one develop into formally “ethnic” in lots of states in Asia? How are understandings of majority and minority cultures created and formed in particular political and ancient contexts? How does the nation form the way in which humans think about themselves? How do humans withstand, rework, and acceptable those professional representations?

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Iyome (purifiers; sweepers) and did not carry a derogatory connotation. " It had already acquired a derogatory connotation and referred to various people, including sweepers, who resided on riverbanks and in other peripheral areas. " In other words, the term "eta," which referred neutrally to sweepers during the thirteenth century, had become "etta," written in two characters meaning "excessive impurity," by the mid-fifteenth century (Morita 1978: 88-89). In short, by the end of the Medieval period, the meaning of the special-status people engaged in "defiling" occupations was firmly and negatively embedded in the value structure of Japanese culture.

U I have argued elsewhere that in the ritual realm, men's activities embody idealizations of harmonious families and lineages in the person of respected ancestors, while women address violations of health and harmony by contending with angry gods and restless ancestors, either as housewives who bring their household concerns to shamans, or as the shamans who expel or placate the source of misfortune (Kendall 1985; cf. Janelli and Janelli 1982). By cultural logic, the therapeutic process of a kut to reestablish the harmony of house and household is best transacted between women, as shaman 13 and client, within a realm of intimacy and informality where disharmony, inauspicious events, and violations of propriety can be discussed with humor and pathos.

The symbolic meanings assigned to the internal others were intimately related to the way the dominant Japanese saw themselves in relation to the external others. The negativity that the dominant Japanese saw as they reflected upon themselves in their encounter with the external others was then projected upon the internal others, who, in a broad sense, became scapegoats. From a cross-cultural perspective, an important issue remains-the problem of "boundedness" and "bounding" raised by Virginia Dominguez during the conference that led to this book.

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