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The publication makes an attempt to provide a accomplished description and testable thought of the complex, yet no longer unintelligible method of bank-firm relationships within the dynamic setting of a steadily deregulated monetary marketplace. It offers either concept and empirical facts that shut bank-firm relationships bring about a reduce fraction of financial institution finance.

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The ruling of a cash payments journal depends upon the needs of the business in which it is used, but it is common to provide a separate column for payments to TRADE CREDITORS. In small businesses it is combined with the CASH RECEIPTS JOURNAL to form a CASH BOOK. cash ratio. For a bank, the ratio between cash and deposits. cash receipts journal. A JOURNAL recording receipts of cash into an enterprise's bank account. The ruling of a cash receipts journal depends upon the needs of the business in which it is used, but it is common to provide a separate column for receipts from TRADE DEBTORS.

Until recently, in both the UK and USA, few regulations existed on this matter but certain formats had become generally accepted. The formats developed on different lines in the two countries and it has been said that an accountant who crosses the Atlantic will find that 'the balance sheet appears to be presented upside down and back to front and . . the financial statements . . written in what seems to be a partially foreign language' (Carsberg & Eastergard in Nobes and Parker, Comparative International Accounting, 1981, p.

Capital gain. A gain resulting not from operations but from the holding of an asset (see HOLDING GAIN). In practice, the term is usually applied to fixed tangible assets and investments, does not always exclude any inflationary element and for some purposes does not include unrealized gains. Some types of capital gains are really income in disguise. For example, in the UK, the value of national savings certificates is increased during their life in lieu of paying interest. capital gains tax (CGT).

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