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Imaginative and prescient and reminiscence are of the main intensively studied subject matters in psychology and neuroscience. the current publication matters the interplay among imaginative and prescient and reminiscence: How can we keep in mind what we see? and the way does our reminiscence for the visible global impact next notion and motion? subject matters in psychology and neuroscience, and the intersection etween them--visual memory--is rising as a fertile floor for study.

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DGBL creates opportunities for students to build their own models and test their hypotheses in the learning environment coupled with opportunities for reflectionin-action and reflection-onaction (for example, Schön, 1993). The models that students build are also used for assessment purposes to track development of students in their capacity to solve complex problems, which require higher-order cognitive skills (Eseryel, 2006). DGBL experiences for teachers provide sustained opportunities for them to experience this instructional strategy (just as their students) while they study, experiment with, and receive helpful advice on interactive instruction resulting in modeling designed to develop higher-order cognitive skills.

Our study was then centered on the school governing body in order to verify in everyday practice “who” made “what” decisions, and “how” these decisions were carried out. A first analysis of the laws, rules, and regulations regarding the Program’s operation shows that the CDE, being the school’s local governing body, had more power to make decisions in the administrative realm than in the academic. This was so because a considerable number of academic decisions, such as the definition of curricular contents, were maintained, even after the reform, within the realm of the National Ministry of Education.

Rather, lesson study provides teachers with an opportunity to examine their teaching in a way that results in the transfer of new knowledge acquired during ARE directly to their classrooms, ultimately resulting in the improvement of student achievement (Lewis, Perry, and Hurd, 2004). A group of teachers develops a lesson together; one teacher teaches the lesson while others observe student learning; the group reconvenes to debrief, analyze, and if needed revise the lesson to incorporate the observations; and the teaching process begins again with a new teacher.

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