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Carol Gould addresses the basic factor of democratizing globalization, or discovering how you can open transnational associations and groups to democratic participation via these broadly laid low with their judgements. Gould develops a framework for increasing participation in cross-border judgements, arguing for a broader knowing of human rights. furthermore, she introduces a brand new function for the guidelines of care and team spirit at a distance. Her obtainable textual content might be an enormous new contribution to political philosophy.

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Yet he does not want to presuppose what these norms themselves would be substantively but rather wants to consider what would motivate the process of arriving at some consensus on “generalizable interests” in order to coordinate actions. In earlier work, he had sought what he called “quasi-transcendental” grounds for various norms in characteristic modes of human action and interaction. Subsequently, his main focus has been on norms implicit in discursive or linguistic practices and in particular what he calls “communicative action,” which is the domain in which moral norms emerge.

Such an open concept of democracy is particularly important in order for us to avoid a cultural bias restricting it to the most familiar Western forms of representative democracy. One obvious alternative case here is consensus or near-consensus decision making, found in many traditional African communities and in indigenous populations in the Americas and elsewhere, as well as in dissident movements today within larger liberal democracies. In these diverse cases, democracy is often direct and, although it sometimes involves representation, is neither electoral nor majoritarian.

8 Within this instrumentalist view, there are two readings: On the first, the criterion for the justness of the outcomes of democratic decision making is not merely the appropriateness of the procedure itself, because even with properly democratic procedures, unjust outcomes are possible. But this means that the standard of justice is independent of the procedure. Rawls’s conception of constitutional democracy in A Theory of Justice is of this sort. Thus he writes, Clearly any feasible political procedure may yield an unjust outcome.

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