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On military scholarship, he took a medical doctorate in 1912 from the Kaiser Wilhelm Academy in Berlin* and then served briefly at the front as a medical officer. * His medical practice, specializing in venereal and skin diseases, lasted from 1917 until 1935; yet he sustained contact with the Republic’s intellectual community, which led in 1932 to his induction into the Prussian Academy of Arts. His collaboration in the 1920s with Paul Hindemith* resulted in the oratorio Das Unaufho¨rliche (Change and Permanence), first performed in 1931.

Hitler ensured that he remained persona non grata; his former General Staff colleagues ostracized him until his death. REFERENCES: Bennett, German Rearmament; Deutsch, Hitler; Go¨rlitz, History of the German General Staff; NDB, vol. 2; Post, Civil-Military Fabric. ’’ On Sunday, 17 July 1932, the NSDAP staged a parade in Altona, a largely KPD-controlled Hamburg precinct. Correctly deeming the event a willful provocation, Communists fired on the marchers. The resulting skirmish left seventeen dead.

Ironically, he demanded heavier and faster rearmament and less international cooperation than Hitler initially condoned. In June 1934 he concluded an alliance with Hitler aimed at the SA*; the purge of Ernst Ro¨hm* occurred weeks later. Shortly thereafter he helped draft the Hitler oath required of all members of the armed forces upon Hindenburg’s death. Only in November 1937, when he fathomed Hitler’s intent to use the army before it had achieved a margin of advantage, did he express misgivings about Hitler.

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