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By Hugo Baetens Beardsmore

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This publication describes well-established, state-funded bilingual schooling studies in a number of nations in Western Europe as substitute types to classical immersion. components lined contain bilingual schooling for minorities and majorities, for threatened and reliable groups, border components, immigrants and "European" colleges. sensible concerns are in particular highlighted, together with an administrator's and teacher's point of view.

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Such growth has been promoted and sustained by a wide and complexly interacting variety of formal and informal support systems. It is important for an understanding of the gentle revolution in the place of Welsh in education to consider briefly such support mechanisms. Regional Variations Wales is divided into eight counties each with its own Educational Authority. Each county has thus been able to devise its own bilingual educational policy, provision and practice. As Baker (1985) documented, growth in the use of Welsh has not only varied from county to county, but also cannot be simply explained by language demographics.

Simple, neat, uni-dimensional models could then be replaced by a more sophisticated, complex and grounded classification of bilingual education. Such a categorisation would need to show that the formal subject curriculum, the pastoral and classroom management curriculum and not least, the hidden curriculum, have complex bilingual dimensions with considerable variation from school to school. Such a categorisation is also needed to reflect recent government reforms in the curriculum. It is such reforms that are now considered.

Part of the reputation of the schools, whether real or mythical, is in terms of more indefinable qualities such as ethos, esprit de corps and purposefulness. A contrastive, research-based analysis of bilingual schools suggests that such perceived success is partly, if not largely, based on the relatively greater commitment and dedication of the teachers (and pupils) in such schools (Roberts, 1985). One function of the school, to promote the Welsh language and culture, appears to provide teachers with increased motivation, commitment and sense of direction.

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