Democracy and the Origins of the American Regulatory State by Samuel DeCanio PDF

By Samuel DeCanio

ISBN-10: 0300198787

ISBN-13: 9780300198782

Political scientist Samuel DeCanio examines how political elites used excessive degrees of voter lack of information to create a brand new kind of regulatory country with lasting implications for American politics. targeting the growth of bureaucratic authority in late-nineteenth-century the United States, DeCanio’s exhaustive archival study examines electoral politics, the Treasury Department’s keep watch over over financial coverage, and the Interstate trade Commission’s law of railroads to envision how conservative politicians created a brand new form of bureaucratic country to insulate coverage judgements from renowned control.

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My theory of state autonomy focuses on the informational division of labor between elites and the public, and on elites’ dissemination of explanations for events that influence popular conceptions of politics. It is important to note that I do not argue that public opinion and electoral demands never influence politics, nor do I argue that public officials are inattentive to public opinion. Despite recognizing that popular demands may influence election outcomes and remove parties from power, the crude messages and explanations which elites disseminate, and which influence public opinion, are made persuasive by the public’s ignorance and voters’ resulting inability to recognize distortions and falsehoods.

Unlike classical realist and neorealist theorists of international relations, I make no assumptions regarding the motives or objectives that states or voters pursue. Nor do I make any assumptions regarding the rationality of the units (states, parties) populating each system of political competition.  Before I proceed further, it is necessary to define certain terms.  Unlike Max Weber, I do not define the state solely by its monopoly of legitimate coercion. The state’s monopoly of legitimate coercion is merely a means the state uses to secure the type of authority that is specific to it.

Although many financiers assumed Chase would ignore this statute and accept bankers’ checks as payment for the loans, he insisted that the banks transport tons of bullion from Eastern cities to Washington. The impracticality of this decision was the initial indication that Chase would be a difficult partner for New York banks.

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