New PDF release: 'Bystanders' to the Holocaust: A Re-Evaluation

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Publish yr note: First released January 1st 2002 via Frank Cass Publishers

Using obtainable archival assets, a crew of historians demonstrate how a lot the united states, Britain, Switzerland and Sweden knew in regards to the Nazi try to homicide the entire Jews of Europe in the course of international warfare II.

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It could actually frustrate those who were awareof the Jewish predicamentand eagerto assistits victims. The vagariesof official refugee-policy were not attributable solely to antisemitism, ignorance,or indifference: 'The failings of Britain and the United Stateswith regardto theJewishcrisis during the Nazi era may ... ' Kushnersuggeststhat Jews received succour from 'exceptional individuals' who were willing and able to defy the received wisdom of the time. In Nazi-occupiedEurope, governmenthad lost much or all of its legitimacy: someonewho becameaware that Jews were in dangerdid not feel compelledto operatewithin legal constraintswhen it cameto helping them.

During the war he tried to help Arthur Koestler'swife, who was trapped in Vichy France. He was horrified by the news that Jews were being slaughtereden masseand despairedat the lack of any significant response. Just a few days after he heard Eden's parliamentary statement on the extermination of Europe'sJewish population he reported to his son that a Jewish officer had been stationed in the grounds of his home at Sissinghurst,but 'recallinghow but threedays beforeI had stood in tribute to the martyredJewsof Poland,I was most polite to Captain Rubinstein'.

39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 33--48. 77-103. 57-76. 87-91. 279. 217-22. 224-9. 85-99. 103-45. 132--4. 171-98. 199-211. 237-68. Eva Fogelman's1995 study, Conscienceand Courage, lists no less than 80 books, chapters and articles (the majority published since 1970) dealing with rescuestories and over 100 monographsand articles analysing aspectsof the subject.! However, most of these studies have focused on the activity of rescuers in Nazi Germany or adjacentcountries, or those based in Nazi-occupiedcountries in wartime Europe.

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