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By Marta Ascoli

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Trieste, 1944. Marta ha diciassette anni, “un’età in cui tutto ci accontentava e ci faceva sorridere”. Quei sorrisi vengono strappati brutalmente l. a. sera del 29 marzo, quando due SS fanno irruzione in casa consistent with prelevare l. a. famiglia Ascoli, according to metà ebrea. È l’inizio di un calvario senza fantastic. l. a. prima tappa è los angeles risiera di San Sabba, unico campo di concentramento nazista in Italia; poi verranno los angeles separazione dalla madre, il terribile viaggio in treno verso Auschwitz, sola donna in un convoglio di uomini in keeping with non abbandonare il padre; quindi Birkenau, poi Bergen-Belsen, los angeles neve, i lavori forzati, los angeles denutrizione, le malattie, le torture. E quella frase che suona come una condanna a morte continuamente rinviata: «Tu da qui non uscirai che consistent with il camino». Eppure Marta resta attaccata alla vita con tutte le sue forze; infine, stremata, quando make a decision di farla finita lanciandosi contro il filo spinato, l. a. sentinella che l. a. scopre non spara. Il destino ha in serbo in keeping with Marta il 15 aprile 1945, il giorno della liberazione in line with mano degli inglesi e los angeles gioia immensa del ritorno a casa. Attraverso l. a. sua testimonianza, Marta Ascoli ci ricorda l. a. tragedia vissuta da una famiglia, dal popolo ebraico, dall'umanità intera: e, con l. a. forza di un grido, ci spiega che Auschwitz è di tutti, luogo-simbolo della più grande ferita aperta nella storia del Novecento.

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The illness-cure scenario provided a slot for suggesting a radical cure by identifying blood poisoning as the cause of the disease, 97 which enabled him to conceptualize “the Jew” as the blood poisoning agent. This metaphorical characterisation had the advantage of functioning at various levels of the scenario structure. 99 The bloodsucker-parasite metaphor in particular fused the two aspects of (1) an organism that takes advantage of or lives at the expense of another organism (the sense in which parasite/parasitic is still used today as a routine figure of abuse)100 and (2) poisoning as a potentially fatal threat.

53 Rather than assuming binary relationships of “source”-”target” mappings between perceptual and conceptual domains, they operate a more flexible theory of “mental spaces” that serve as “input” into the “conceptual integration” mechanisms that characterize the workings of the human mind. 54 Paul Chilton (2005) makes use of this concept of conceptual blending in his analysis of the “race” chapter in Mein Kampf (Chapter 11 of volume 1). One key example of the emergence of an ideological blending in Hitler’s text is the cumulative effect of equivocations between biological and social categorizations of “the Jew”, as in the following passage: 20 Metaphor, Nation and Holocaust [The Jew] was never a nomad, but only and always a parasite in the body of other peoples.

Whenever Hitler called “the Jew” a poisonous parasite, he uttered what was for him a truthful characterization that fitted the scenario versions at all domain levels. 4. e. blood poisoning Cure by way of a complete removal of the cause of the illness × Ø Ö Destruction of hereditary foundations of the girl’s race/people The girl must be saved from the rapist ×1 Ø Germany’s down- Ö fall following the defeat in World War I Elimination of Jews from German society/ Europe Ø Ø Ø Ö Devilish forces foster unnatural mixing of human species/races The natural course of improvement of species-races is put in jeopardy ¼ Ø Target Level 1a Race defilement of innocent girl by Jewish rapist Ö Ø Target Destructive influLevel 1b ence of Jews on German society Target Level 2 Ö Ö A redeemer has to enforce the creator’s cosmic design In terms of this last scenario version, “the Jew” was seen as an essentially anti-human parasitic species, which, unlike an unconsciously acting bio-parasite, deliberately tried to invade as many host populations as possible.

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