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By Pascal G.

Summary: For a number of many years, numerical linear algebra has obvious in depth advancements in either mathematical and laptop technological know-how conception that have ended in real typical software program like BLAS or lapack. In desktop algebra the location has no longer complicated as a lot, specifically due to the range of the issues and due to a lot of the theoretical growth were performed lately. This thesis falls right into a contemporary category of labor which goals at uniforming high-performance codes from many really expert libraries right into a unmarried platform of computation. specifically, the emergence of sturdy and transportable libraries like GMP or ntl for detailed computation has became out to be a true asset for the improvement of functions in unique linear algebra. during this thesis, we learn the feasibility and the relevance of the re-use of specialised codes to improve a excessive functionality certain linear algebra library, specifically the LinBox library. We use the frequent programming mechanisms of C++ (abstract type, template category) to supply an abstraction of the mathematical gadgets and therefore to permit the plugin of exterior elements. Our goal is then to layout and validate, in LinBox. excessive point prevalent toolboxes for the implementation of algorithms in designated linear algebra. particularly, we advise ''exact/numeric'' hybrid computation exercises for dense matrices over finite fields which almost fit with the functionality received by means of numerical libraries like LAPACK. On a better point, we reuse those hybrid exercises to unravel very successfully a classical challenge of computing device algebra : fixing diophantine linear structures. for this reason, this allowed us to validate the main of code reuse in LinBox library and extra more often than not in computing device algebra. The LinBox library is accessible at

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Nous verrons dans la section suivante que cette ´etape d’initialisation permet de fixer les allocations m´emoire des ´el´ements lorsque l’arch´etype est utilis´e comme instance. Enfin, la ligne 6 permet d’appeler la fonction d’addition du corps F sur les ´el´ements a,b et de stocker le r´esultat dans l’´el´ement c. Le passage de la valeur de retour comme param`etre dans les op´erations sur les ´el´ements est ici obligatoire du fait qu’on peut manipuler les ´el´ements uniquement `a partir du domaine.

28 29 31 34 38 45 45 48 48 50 51 53 59 59 60 61 63 65 28 Arithm´etique des corps finis L’algorithmique en calcul exact et plus particuli`erement en alg`ebre lin´eaire n´ecessite des calculs sur de tr`es grands entiers. Les donn´ees calcul´ees ont g´en´eralement un grossissement de l’ordre de la taille du probl`eme `a r´esoudre. 4]. Le calcul de la solution modulo des nombres premiers pi repose sur des calculs dans les corps finis Z/pi Z.

2 – Arch´etype des ´el´ements c l a s s ElementArchetype { 5 10 15 20 25 30 private : friend c l a s s F i e l d A r c h e t y p e ; friend c l a s s R a n d I t e r A b s t r a c t ; mutable E l e m e nt Ab s tr ac t ∗ e l e m p t r ; public : // d e f a u l t c o n s t r u c t o r ElementArchetype ( void ) { e l e m p t r =0;} // copy c o n s t r u c u t o r ElementArchetype ( const ElementArchetype &a ) { i f ( a . = 0 ) e l e m p t r = a . = 0 ) delete e l e m p t r ; i f ( a . = 0 ) e l e m p t r = a .

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