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By Gabriel Ciobanu, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Gheorghe Păun

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Membrane computing is a department of common computing which investigates computing types abstracted from the constitution and functioning of residing cells and from their interactions in tissues or higher-order organic constructions. The versions thought of, known as membrane platforms (P systems), are parallel, dispensed computing types, processing multisets of symbols in cell-like compartmental architectures. in lots of purposes membrane platforms have significant benefits – between those are their inherently discrete nature, parallelism, transparency, scalability and nondeterminism.

In devoted chapters, prime specialists clarify lots of the purposes of membrane computing mentioned to this point, in biology, computing device technology, special effects and linguistics. The e-book additionally comprises specific reports of the software program instruments used to simulate P systems.

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Y. Nishida: Simulations of Photosynthesis by a K-subset Transforming System with Membranes. Fundamenta Informaticae, 49, 1-3 (2002), 249–259. 62. A. P˘ aun, Gh. P˘ aun: The Power of Communication: P Systems with Symport/Antiport. New Generation Computing, 20, 3 (2002), 295–306. 63. Gh. P˘ aun: Marcus Contextual Grammars. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1997. 64. Gh. P˘ aun: Computing with Membranes. fi). 42 Gh. P˘ aun 65. Gh. P˘ aun: From Cells to Computers: Computing with Membranes (P Systems). BioSystems, 59, 3 (2001), 139–158.

I✤ h✎ a ☞ i✤ h1 ✎ a ☞ ✌ ✍ ✣ ✌ ✍ ✣ i✤ h1 ✎ a ☞ h2✎ i✛ h1✎ a ☞ h2 ✎ ✍ ✣ ✍ ✚ ✌✍ ✌✍ ✜ ✛ dissolution ✲ i ✛ creation ✢ ✜ divide/separe ✲ ✛ merge ✢ ✚ ✘ ✙ b i✤ h2✎ b ✍ ✣ ☞ h3 ✎ ✌✍ i✬ ✜ h2✛ endocytosis ✲ ☞ h1 ✎ ✛ b ✍ ✌ exocytosis ✚ ✢ ✫ ✘ ☞ gemmation ✌ ✙ c ✜ ☞ ✌ ✢ ✩ ✘ ☞ ✌ ✙ ✪ ✘ ✛ ✟ h2☛ ✟ h2☛ ✟ h1☛ @ u ✲ ✡ ✠ ✡ ✠✡ ✠ ✙ ✚ ✜ i✤ ✓☛ ✟✏ h h1☛ 2 ✟ @ h2 u ✲ ✠✒✡ ✠✑ ✡ ✢ ✣ ✜ ✤ i ✟ ✟h2☛ h1☛ ✲ u ✠ ✠ ✡ ✡ ✢ ✣ i Fig. 5. Membrane handling operations. A gemmation rule is of the form a → [ @h u] @h , where a is an object 2 2 and u a multiset of objects (but it can be generalized by creating several 26 Gh.

One of them concerns the role of time in P systems. The synchronization and the existence of a global clock are too strong assumptions (from a biological point of view). What about P systems where there exist no internal clocks and all rules have different times to be applied? This can mean both that the duration needed by a rule to be applied can differ from the duration of another rule and the extreme possibility that the duration is not known. In the first case, we can have a timing function assigning durations to rules; in the second case even such information is missing.

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