Against the Fire by Kat Martin PDF

By Kat Martin

ISBN-10: 0778329305

ISBN-13: 9780778329305

You cannot struggle what you cannot see. And Gabriel Raines cannot be certain simply who is surroundings the fires in his new real-estate improvement. while fires hit back-to-back, he understands it is own, yet any variety of opponents or ex-employees may be the arsonist.The police suspect Angel Ramirez, a neighborhood youngster who is been in hassle ahead of. yet Mattie Baker, a volunteer on the family members Abuse middle, simply cannot think the child she's been operating with might return to his antisocial ways.Determined to persuade Gabe that she's correct, Mattie needs to get with regards to him and discover who is placing their local in jeopardy. And simply because the arsonist's flames proceed to burn, they discover a warmth constructing among them. it will possibly simply become a full-fledged fire…if they could live on lengthy adequate.

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If you don’t tell us the truth,” Mattie said gently, “Angel may go back to detention. You’re supposed to be his friend. ” The boy shook his head, moving the long black pony tail at the back of his neck. ” “Then tell us the truth,” Gabe said. The boy stared down at the holes in his dirty white sneakers. “Tagging. I was tagging a wall. ” The words and the look on the kid’s thin face rang with truth. Angel hadn’t wanted to betray his friend, and spray painting the side of a building was illegal. ” Gabe asked.

She ignored the hand he offered and hurried to keep up with his longer strides. They climbed the iron stairs and Gabe stepped back while Mattie knocked on the door. From the start, she had made it clear she was in control of the situation. He was only there in case of trouble. The door swung open and a small, thin Hispanic woman stood in the opening. “Mrs. ” “I’m Mattie Baker. I’m a volunteer at the Family Recovery Center. This is Gabriel Raines. We’d like to talk to Enrique. ” The slight woman eyed Gabe, who was trying to appear as nonthreatening as possible.

About twenty minutes ago. We both live in the area. Sam was heading home from a date. ” “You guys were already here by the time I arrived,” Gabe said. ” Daily turned to Sam. ” Sam glanced over to the crews mopping up the scene. “The first truck was just pulling up. I saw the flames in the lobby and called Gabe. I watched you guys working until he got here. It wasn’t long before a crowd started to gather. ” The captain nodded. “The fireman you were talking to…that’s Mike Dougherty. ” “Didn’t seem like a big deal.

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