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By Julian Granberry

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W locative suffix [Source: Diary l, Diary 2, Sermon, Tale] ugi see (o)ki -ukpronominal suffix (-uk) 1-:Jk/ [-uk] l. l (Conjunct Order, Secondary Suffixes); 2. we (Conjunct Order, Primary S~ffrxes); 3. Skl [umbusk] medicine [Source: Diary 1] umki- verb (um·'ki-) /:mki-1 [umki-] get up [Source: Diary 1] -umobudic pronominal suffix (-u·mo·bu·dic) 1-:moh:xlic/ [-u~uhuditch] let them (Imperative Order Transitive Inanimate) [Source: D1ary 2] umsqui noun (um·'squi) /:mskwil [umsque] blood [Source: Diary I] -umudu b pronominal suffix (-u·'mu·dub) 1-:m~:xl:Jhl [-ermuduh] let us (Imperative Order Transitive Inanimate) [Source: Diary 2] .

Lincom Europa, Munich. Haas, Mary 1954. Phonological Reconstitution. Personal letter to Julian Granberry. 90 Languages of the World/Dictionaries Noyes, James 1669. Pequot Indian Glossary. Ms. in Beinecke Library, Yale University, In this series New Haven, Connecticut. Prince, J. Dyneley and Frank G. Speck 1903. The Modern Pequots and Their Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 5, pp. 193-212. 1904. Glossary of the Mohegan Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 6, pp. , Jr. 1975. "Resurrecting Virginia Algonquian from the Dead".

There; 2. over there; 3. yonder [Source: Diary l] yond- verb (yond-) ly:JI'Id-1 [yund-] hungry (be). Ex. goynodom [geryundum] /g:}-y;md-:m/ 'you are hungry'; noyondomi /n:}-y:JI'Id-:mi/ 'I am not hungry' [Source: Diary l; Tale; Noyes 'schiant-'] yonjan- verb (yon·'jan-) ly:JI'Ijan-1 [yunjan-] open. Ex. ' [Source: Tale] yot- verb (yot-) /y:}-/ [yert-] think. Ex. yotom [Source: Diary 1] [yertum] 'he thinks' yuxamag noun (yo·'xa·mag) lya5amagl [hyushamag] husband [Source: Stiles] z zab particle (zab) lzab/ [zob] tomorrow [Source: Diary 1] zambwi particle straight [Source: Dairy 2] zatata noun (za·'ta·ta) /zatata/ [zotortar] Saturday (Der.

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