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By Caprara A.

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Agents assign values to variables, attempting to generate a locally consistent assignment that is also consistent with all constraints between agents (cf. [57, 61, 64]). To achieve this goal, agents check the value assignments to their variables for local consistency and exchange messages with other agents to check the consistency of their proposed assignments against constraints with variables owned by different agents [8]. Distributed CSPs are an elegant model for many everyday combinatorial problems that are distributed by nature.

Agent A4 is now left with no valid value to assign and sends a Nogood message to A3 that includes all its conflicts. 2. Note that the Nogood message is no longer valid. Agent A4 , however, assumes that A3 will change its position and moves to its only valid position (with A3 ’s anticipated move) - square 3. Fig. 3. Cycle 6 of ABT for 4-Q Fig. 4. Cycles 7-8 of ABT 4-Q 42 5 Asynchronous Backtracking (ABT) Consider now cycle 6. Agent A4 receives the new assignment of agent A3 and sends it a Nogood message.

The resulting algorithm is termed Concurrent Backtraking (ConcBT) [69]. The splitting of the search space can be done dynamically, to balance the load of computation among all agents. , ConcDB) and is the best performing DisCSP algorithm to date [74]. It is described in Chapter 7. In analogy to centralized search, algorithms can be designed so that they do not guarantee completeness. In other words, when the algorithm fails to find a solution it does not guarantee that a solution does not exist.

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A 3/4-Approximation Algorithm for Multiple Subset Sum by Caprara A.

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